senior portraits - Samantha Kerby

Two hours might seem like a long time, but with outfits changes and endless prop combinations, it goes by so fast! (i have it down to a science)

Make sure you have an idea of what you want. Even feel free to bring (or send me) photo ideas that you find on pinterest! Or if your mom insists on that "laying down in the grass shot," we can make it happen!

Just want various head shots, nothing special? Bring a few fun outfits!

Want focus on your sport? If you play football, bring a football and your jersey, maybe your helmet too!

It is so important to make sure you have all things... well important! be prepared!

Bring a variety of outfits – cap and gown, something casual, something stylish, wear what you think you look best in - most importantly what you will feel comfortable in! Bring props that recall your high school years – band instrument, sports gear, or baseball cap! 

Anything, all things, SENIOR are a must.

Senior class shirt? YES

Senior crown? YES

Club t-shirts? YES

Letterman's Jacket? well it cost a whole lot of money so YES  

Class Ring? YES

Varsity Letter? YES

Do you have your tassel? YES


□ Outfit #1: T-Shirt & Jeans

□ Outfit #2: Dress/skirt for girls or dress shirt for boys

□ Outfit #3: Something in between, casual

□ Remember you have unlimited outfit changes, but above are three you will want to bring.

□ All senior paraphernalia (tassel, t-shirt, etc.)

□ Any other necessary props

THE NIGHT BEFORE: get a good night’s rest! Let’s not schedule the night after prom & do not make any crazy plans. Sleep can do wonders for your skin tone and your state of mind.

SUNTAN, YES. BURN, NO! Sunburns and peeling do not photograph well. ever. If you are considering tanning, do not over do it. Tan lines are very unappealing & are difficult to correct so consider wearing clothing that will hide them.

SKIN BLEMISHES: they are a fact of life & basically can not be avoided. Concealer and powder work wonders for both guys and girls. You can do the best you can to conceal them but do not worry. Any skin blemishes remaining will be retouched out of the photos.

LIPS: Bring lip balm or gloss to keep your lips moist. Trust me.

PROPS: In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I am really big on props. Bring any and all things that reflect your personality, talents and hobbies. Choir and dance costumes, instruments, sports uniforms and any sports gear that is part of your life belongs with you in your casual portraits. Footballs, volleyballs, hockey sticks, wakeboards, skateboards, you name it — they all make for great portraits!

GLASSES: Let’s consider not wearing them, unless people will not recognize you, then there are a few things we can do. The absolute best way to take care of the problem of glass glare is to have your optometrist take out the lenses in your glasses for the day of your shoot so that we can shoot you with your frames only. Some optometrists will loan you a pair of empty frames for your photos. If you don’t have that option, try to bring in glasses that don’t have “transition” lenses in them, as they still throw off a tint in photos even in room lighting. SOME glass glare can be removed from your portraits digitally, some.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: The most important tip I have heard & can give to you is to bring a positive attitude. Your energy is KEY. There is no way we can fix negative energy with Photoshop!

A frequent request I get is “can we take our senior pictures together?”


“Is it just the fee of one shoot then?”

No.. I want to give every senior the same “senior experience.” Say you want to take your senior pictures along side your bestfriend - there was two of you, we would have to schedule both shoots on a day where we have four hours of shooting time (two each). Each senior also gets a choice of their own location! Meaning two hours at each location, in which both seniors would get to take advantage of this opportunity! yay!

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